The Webpages of Michael and Margaret


I'm quite an avid amateur (very) woodworker. This page details some of my workshop & some of the items I've built.

Before 2002 (when we moved into our house) I had no interest whatsoever in woodworking. However, that changed with the purchase of our house and the realisation that when you drill or cut a hole in the wrong place, the hole can be filled up without anyone knowing.

Note: The workshop was already painted in this rather weird colour. Someday I'll get around to repainting it something better.


Workshop Equipment




(Built by me!)


Overall view of workshop


Wood lathe & 10" sliding compound mitre saw.


Air compressor & air tank, also two air powered nail & staple guns.



Scroll Saw



Table Saw

(Useful piece of equipment but very nasty!)



Band Saw and Drill Press

(The cabinet was build by me!!)


Part of my clamp collection. You can NEVER have enough clamps.


Router table and Router

(I built the router table & fence)

Wood storage for the next project



These photographs are of some of the projects I have created. Nothing very professional but fun to do.


This storage unit features sliding doors. No plans used, my own design.


I didn't want to pay for a plastic hose reel so I built this one using my router to cut out the two circular sides. No plans used, my own design.


A little table built from 2x4 & 2x2 wood. Very simple to build from plans.


Planters built from cedar. My own design based on one I saw at Home Depot.


Shelving in the den (aka Computer Room)


TV Cabinet with room for all our home theatre equipment. It was designed for a 30" widescreen tube TV but will be great with our new 32" or 37" LCD flat screen TV whenever we get around to buying it. My own design.


A simple pantry. The flap at the bottom hinges down and allows shoe storage. My own design.
A nice English Garden chair built from plans.