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Albert and White Cat

Capturing good photos of animals isn't difficult, just time consuming with large elements of luck involved. I took about 5-6 photos of these two one evening and in the middle of the sequence a car made a noise in the background, both cats looked towards it & a nice photo was achieved.

I titled the photo 'Good Friends' and it won an Honourable Mention in the Ajax-Blacks Photography Store photo contest in 2004.


Click on Albert's photo to hear him speak.



Albert was one of three cats owned by our neighbours. The neighbours moved and couldn't immediately move their cats. We looked after them for awhile & they were able to take two of them back but couldn't find a place for Albert. They were going to have to put Albert with the Humane Society but we decided to look after him instead.

On July 27, 2012, Albert had to be put to sleep. He is now at Rainbow Bridge with White Cat and waiting for us. Like White Cat below, his ashes will be with us forever.


Click on White Cat's photo to hear him speak.


White Cat

White Cat was a stray, he just appeared and refused to leave even though we all kept trying to drive him away (Albert included). Eventually, we all gave up & he became one of the family.

We tried numerous names with him but because we had originally called him 'The White Cat' we kept going back to that. One day, Margaret dropped 'The' from his name so he just became known as 'White Cat'

On March 17, 2008 White Cat suffered 'Acute Respiratory Distress' and had to be put to sleep.

Run and play dear White Cat while you wait at Rainbow Bridge for us. (We had him cremated and his ashes returned to us in a little urn so he is still with us.)


The cats got along together quite well.

Watching the world go by.

Albert in your face.

White Cat in your face

Thinking about something!!
Probably the next meal!!!


Cat Postcards

Not really postcards but done in a postcard format like something you might send to someone as a joke.


My Dad was reading a book & a colleague of mine at work saw the photo and commented that it looked like my Dad was reading to White Cat. This postcard was the result. (Thanks Portia!!!)


My idea of what a cat would think of any drink intended to help you stay awake.


The Cats of Parliament Hill

Near to Parliament Hill is this colony of feral cats. They are looked after by a group of volunteers. Clicking here will take you to a blog which is run by one of their caregivers & contributed to by the rest. Do a search on Google for the 'Parliament Hill Cats' to find other references.